like a vinyasa flow

So you can 10x your income and impact without sacrificing quality and have time to write that book

Find time for  more clients  and  more fun .

Get the toughest task off your to-do list in 3 simple steps without feeling scattered, overwhelmed, or needing to say “yes” to things you don’t want to do.

“If you’re ready to experience the relief of knowing you’ll never, EVER have to be alone and agonize on where you need to focus and how to build a business you want, don’t think twice, hire Brooke.”

Andi Griggs, Life Coach

How many hours are you spending inside your business?

What else could you be doing in that time?

If you’re an entrepreneur with the desire to transform your signature offers into scalable client-centered machines…

…that can survive (or even thrive) without you for long enough to take an actual vacation…

…you’re in the right place.

Because I help women like you scale your signature offers through the magic of intentionally designed processes, habits, and time/energy management like you’ve never seen before.

This is NOT your dad's productivity system.

Hi, I’m Dr. Smith! Call me “Brooke” — I only talk about my PhD because there are a lot of “Brooke Smith”s and even a few “Brooke Nicole Smith”s competing for domain names and Instagram handles… but at the time of writing this I appear to be the only Dr. Brooke Smith on the internet.

I’ve been called…

…a business athlete (by a former boss)

…the swiss army knife of everything that actually moves the needle in business (by a client)

…the only human who can measure and draw a stair stringer perfectly on the first try (by my husband)

I’ve sold $20M in the last three years, managed an operational excellence program that saved more than $50M/year while increasing customer satisfaction, and personally trained hundreds of employees (from senior finance executives to assembly operators) to create streamlined, customer-centered business processes.

And, using the same yoga and brain-based methods I teach my private clients, I did all this without totally losing my shit.

As Seen In

Shrutee had mind‑shaking shifts!

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“When I started working with Brooke, I went through some very deep mind-shaking shifts. Brooke helped me realize that I was sabotaging myself and my business, and it was something that I would never have discovered if I had some kind of cheat sheet or formula about what other people were doing for their business. If you are really wanting to grow your business and get unshackled from all the beliefs that you might have had, you've got to work with Brooke.”

Shrutee Sharma,
Pain Free Movement Expert

Two simple steps and a big confidence boost for Katie!

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“I loved that Brooke didn't give me some sort of 25-point checklist of things I needed to do. Instead we identified the most meaningful goals that would help me move forward in my business and in my life, and then she gave me two actual steps to take every day to move forward in that way… The confidence level in me has just risen tenfold in honestly, a very short amount of time.”

Katie Spellman,
Lead Gen Expert

Jennifer got
the clarity she desperately needed

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“I found Brooke during a major life transition. Our family business had been my life and career for many years. Upon the sale of that business, I found myself excited about the possibilities of new ventures, but also lost, scared, and full of confusion. I was fortunate to find Brooke in my frenetic search for answers. In just six weeks, she was able to help me find the clarity I desperately needed.”

Jennifer Shama,
Product-Based Business Owner